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Time Certificate of Deposit

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TypeMinimum/Opening BalanceInterest Rate (%)APY
91 Day C.D.$2,5000.300.30
182 Day C.D.$2,5000.600.60
12 month (1 Year) C.D.$1001.251.26
18 Month (1.5 Year) C.D.$1001.351.36
24 Month (2 Year) C.D.$1001.451.46
30 Month (2 1/2 Year) C.D.$1001.551.56
36 Month (3 Year) C.D.$1001.651.66
48 Month (4 Year) C.D.$1001.751.76
60 Month (5 Year) C.D.$1001.851.86

Individual Retirement Accounts

TypeMinimum/Opening BalanceInterest Rate (%)APY
I.R.A Fixed - 6 Month$250.700.70
I.R.A Variable - 18 Month$251.351.36
I.R.A Fixed - 18 Month$251.451.46
I.R.A Fixed - 30 Month$251.651.66

APY is based on quarterly compounding of interest. Fees may reduce earnings. Penalty may apply for early withdrawal.

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