Trust and Estate Services

Since 1975, First Northern Bank has been proud to offer Trust and Estate Services to our customers. As with everything we do, we work on an individual basis with our clients and tailor our service to our clients' unique needs and our fiduciary requirements.

For more information about our trust services, please contact Wendy Martin or Nicholas Thom at our Buffalo location. 

Our trust officers utilize a team approach so that no matter who you speak with, you get the answers you need right away. Our mission is to establish a lasting and trusted relationship with our clients. After all, we are your community bank and that mission carries through to everything we do.

Our Services:

  • Trusts: Administer virtually all aspects of the estate planning process in accordance with the governing document(s) and the goals of the grantor(s) and beneficiaries. Services include financial planning, asset management, bill paying services and virtually all other trust administration requirements. Types of trusts and services administered include revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts, insurance trusts, mineral trusts, guardianships, and powers of attorney. 
  • Executor Services: Perform all required duties to settle an individual's estate in accordance with the governing document.

Interested in learning more? Download our Trust Services Overview.

Trust Services Overview

Escrow Services

An escrow is a method of transferring or exchanging property through the use of a neutral third party, an escrow agent. As escrow agent in your transaction, First Northern Bank holds in safekeeping original documents, deeds, titles, or other security until the terms of the agreement have been met and the items are released. As escrow agent, First Northern Bank provides the following services:

  • Holds escrow documents in safekeeping
  • Processes all payments and disburses proceeds to seller
  • Maintains an accounting of all transactions
  • Provides tax reporting at year-end

Please note, First Northern Bank does not escrow for taxes and insurance. Arrangements must be made separately between buyer and seller to ensure taxes and insurance are paid by the appropriate party. 

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Our Trust Staff

Wendy H. Martin, Vice President - Trust Officer

Wendy was born and raised in Wyoming and has worked in the banking industry for over 35 years, which provides her with extensive knowledge of financial and fiduciary management affairs. Wendy is a graduate of the Cannon Trust School and is a member of the Key Club of Professional Advisors for the Wyoming Community Foundation. 

LOCAL 307.684.8080


Nicholas B. Thom, CTFA
, Vice President - Trust Officer

Nick was born and raised in Buffalo, Wyoming and graduated from the University of Portland with B.B.A. in Finance. He started in the financial industry as an investment analyst with an institutional consulting firm in Portland, OR before transitioning to First Northern Bank. Nick is an honors graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Colorado, an honors graduate of the Cannon Trust School, and is a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA). Additionally Nick is the current chair of the Johnson County Library Foundation, past Chair of the Buffalo Downtown Association and past member of the Trust Committee for the Wyoming Bankers Association. 

DIRECT 307.684.8017


Amy Bolli, Trust Assistant

Amy was raised in Wyoming and has been in the banking industry for several years. She and her family are actively involved and strong supporters of the 4-H program. Amy is currently attending the Cannon Trust School.

DIRECT 307.684.8080


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